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Artist: Hungry Lucy
Title: Glō
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Alfa-Matrix (@)
Rated: *****

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On their second full length release, "Glo", Hungry Lucy take their dark trip-hop sound and lighten it up a little. The duo beat the sophomore curse by producing an album that not only rivals 1998's "Apparitions" but surpasses it in songwriting, performance & production. The mellow grooves & beautiful melodies remain and are augmented by more diversity both in songwriting and performance. Not content to only present their own ideas, Hungry Lucy also includes a second CD with Glo that contains remixes from bands such as Chandeen, Claire Voyant, bloodWIRE (ex Battery) & Trigger10d (+others). From dance floor to chillout room these remixes put an alternate spin on the original productions and serve as nice companion to the main disc. Eclectic spiritualists will take special note of "In The Circle", a song about transformation and the pathway to enlightenment and growth as well as the discrimination that many of us face in our 'different' path. A song that is very heart touching to any modern pagan. Also, note such titles as "Rebirth" and "Her Song". I was so impressed with this release and the song "In The Circle" that thanks to communication with Alfa-Matrix, the band, plus additional work by Louisa John-Krol ( fans can expect an exclusive remix of this song to appear on the Latex Records release "Primal River Valley".

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