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Title: Anoxia
Format: CD
Label: Twenty Hertz/Longbox Recordings
Rated: *****
Coming in an exquisitely designed dvd case, this single track, 38-minute work is the result of the mail collaboration of US musician Adam Sonderberg (of Dropp Ensemble and Civil War fame) and UK drone expert Paul Bradley, which should be well known to ChainDLK readers by now. Not much information is given on how the project developed, except that the former sent sound sources which were altered and mixed by the latter. Once again (as heard on his works with Darren Tate and Monos), Bradley reveals his amazing ability and taste for flowing, detailed soundscapes. As suggested by the title, "Anoxia" is a brooding, sombre experience. The initial sources (guitars? strings? field recordings?) are stretched and manipulated into fibres, shades, drops of sounds: any detail is widened until it becomes blurred and unrecognizable. As the piece progresses, the deep reverberating drones make it sound more and more like a dirge. Think of Mirror's hypnotic live sets and turn the already scarce light out.

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