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Title: I Hear The Water Dreaming
Format: CD
Label: Prikosnovenie (@)
Rated: *****
Louisa John-Krol has been really active in the first half of 2005. She released her collaborative album with Daemonia Nymphe a couple of months ago and now she's back again with another collaboration with Oophoi. I HEAR THE WATER DREAMING is basically different from "Ghostfish" and if the collaboration with the Greek combo was based on electric ballads enriched by percussions and traditional instruments, this new album sounds more dilated. Thing that reflects that album's title. Each track seems to be focuse on a dreamy state where Oophoi's ambient music meet Louisa's chants. Maybe this is the reason why the project is credited to Oophoi & Louisa John-Krol and it insn't the contrary. The seven tracks (the fifth one is divided into four different movements: "Cavern of dreaming shelles", "The dream of Cydron", "The dream of Kalyh" and "The dream of narwal") are like suites that tend to stop the rhythmical part of music just to create a water like ambience. The effect created is paragonable to a paused movie on a broken video player: the image is still but it is also trembling, it seems to change colors, etc. Try to imagine you taking a nap near a cascade and suddenly you start to hear distant siren's chants. The result is quite relaxing and interesting at the same time but you've got to stop and sit down for a while to appreciate this release.

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