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Title: Eleven Questions
Format: CD
Label: Unsung
Rated: *****
I think many have you have probably already heard these names since both Reuter and mr. Rich are two regarded musicians that’s not enough when speaking about Robert Rich, since after twenty years we can openly say he’s a demi-legend. Wandering again in those ambient territories they know so well this joint venture brings you a real ambient masterpiece and the fact I’ve been listening to it repeatedly many times to get if it was just a fugitive impression or not, well to me says a lot. Let’s start by saying this one, under a prospective, can be classified as a "traditional recording", infact it follows the path set by many great ambient heroes back in the eighties when Rich name started becoming quite well known. As said there’s this crepuscular nightly eighties element creeping underneath in the whole recording, but if that normally brings close to passatism, this time made me leave all my reticence back home since it’s damn well dissimulated beside being beautifully married with the whole melodic idea of the release. Take this recording as a whole trip, sure you can also break it into tracks as the same authors did but hell take me if this whole musical flux hasn’t been designed for a unique non-stop listening experience. Sure you’ll find some typical solution of the genre as drones, space-layers, echoes, reverbs but feedbacks, and above all the piano interventions, are stunning and really brilliant. Beside the fact Reuter is a great musician the heavy hand of Robert Rich has a considerable weight in the economy of this work and if you like his previous productions you won’t be disappointed by this one. The fact I put this big emphasis on this old-school ambient feel probably doesn’t pay the right attention to the fact this collaboration avoids the easy trap of sounding simply old fashioned, I think it keeps in contact with the history of the genre but it has his own stylistic identity. This one of those "late at night" releases that makes you feel you’re floating in the outer space forever but you can’t but surrender...we can also steal the definition from a good old Trans Am record and say this work could also have been titled: "Surrender to the night". Intense work that joins tradition, crepuscular atmospheres and personality.

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