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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: La nuit Des Fées
Format: CD
Label: Prikosnovenie (@)
Rated: *****
Organized by Prikosnovenie and held the 29th of September 2007 at the medieval French town Clisson, "La Nuit des Fées" (The Night of Fairies) was a sort of label festival where the bands of the "fairy" branch of Prikosnovenie's roster, were performing. The CD gathers ten new tracks of those bands (only Collection D'arnell-Andrea in my opinion is doing a different musical genre but in this case their "Closer to unicorn" thanks to its piano/guitars/orchestration structure and female/male vocal duet can fit well the style proposed by this compilation). Cécile Corbel, The Moon And The Nightspirit, Louisa John-Krol, Mediavolo, Caprice, Lys, Djaima, Fleur, Karin Hoghielm and Collection D'arnell Andrea are bringing to the lovers of dreamy and medieval atmospheres new tunes rich of pathos. The album is also enriched by other six tracks which propose the same artists' line up that did a session during the festival. Here Luigi Rubino (Ashram), Riccardo Prencipe's Corde Oblique, Pinknruby & Mediavolo perform six beautiful acoustic songs (try the one I prefer fist, "Fishing stars", and you'll feel a warm hug all over you while melodies similar to Cocteau Twins of the "Victorialand" period) that will please you. Maybe some of them sound a little too melancholic but you'll find something worth for sure. The CD has a special packaging which contains also a 24 pages booklet illustrated by Sabine Adelaide with many Illustrators. Each page presents a country, its 'fairy' and a poetic story about this creature.

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