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Artist: Mind.Area
Title: Long-Distance Side Trip
Format: CD
Label: Ionium Records (@)
Distributor: TS Musix
Rated: *****
This one lays already for some months available on my table, but I unfortunately didn't find the right time to check more detailed with this new, first album of Maikko A. (member of HUMAN DECAY). Thumbs up also to Ionium Records/AF Music to remind me two times to concentrate on this remarkable album. This isn't that sort of a time-stealing procedure to review the deeds of a red-headed step-child, this is rather a review done with pleasure, as Maikko has already gained higher recognition with the previously released downloadable EP 'Thenceforward', as this one is still the biggest pearl in the roster of the Russian X-Line label. 'Long-Distance Side Trip' continues to catch its listeners through dense, but also haunting and ominous moods, combined with an extravagant kind of rhythm programming. Where comparable Dark Electro artists may here and there try to re-animate the dusty PUPPYan-ghost, Maikko manages hard to figure out alternative paths. A tiny Break-Beat, a bit Dub, or Trip-Hop beats here and there mixed under his matured synth arrangements offer a delicious meal for the ears. Tracks which feature his remarkable synth programming skills as its best, like 'Assimilate' (No PUPPYan influence at all here!), 'Fanatic Romance', or 'New World' are fine tunes not to be missed ' in that case, you prefer some 'real' compositional efforts over the still rushing, pseudo-aggressive Hellectro-repetitions. Three remixes by such musically valuable and well-chosen artists like the too seldom re-discovered Serbia/German project BLAME (too much gaming, Boris!), Slovakia's Dark Electro-/IDM-/Ambient-institution DISHARMONY (well done and surprisingly straight, Ryby'¦), and of course of Maikko's alter ego-comrades HUMAN DECAY offer all their best, to bring in diversity to Maikko's sound environment. A modern sounding and fine worked-out Dark-Electro opus full of intelligence ' stuff, which suits at best with fans of older FLA, PUPPY, DISMANTLED, but too with the new kids of the block like OBJECT, NCE, or Australia's EMPTY. Good one, keep it on.

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