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Nov 04 2010
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Global Surveyor Remixes
Format: CD
Label: Dominance Electricity (@)
Rated: *****
Available as bonus album with the triple vinyl edition of "Global Surveyor Phase 3" and also available for purchasing alone (as CDr or digital download), GLOBAL SURVEYOR REMIXES is not a simple spin off of remixes and tracks who didn't make it to be on the original project. We could say that this is a second wave of the original project which you shouldn't miss as well as the main release. The CD contains four new tracks by Audiohead ("Global domination" is a short tune is a menacing instrumental introduction), Komarken Electronics ("Avoid society" is an upbeat mid tempo sounding robotic and atmospheric at the same time), E-Control ("Vision" is an hypnotic tune with liquid sounds, squared rhythms and catchy melodies) and Magnetic Bass Force ("Cold surface" is a tune with throbbing bass lines, dreamy pads, filtered vocals and dance attitude) plus eight tune which are presented as remixes but that should be considered as new tracks, because to the remixers have been provided only the vocal lines of the original, so, The Exaltics (Robert did two great versions, the first one is more ambient and mysterious and the second a bit inspired to Detroit techno), Scape One (great electro tune with 808 drum sounds and sci-fi atmosphere), Dr. Schmidt (epic and mysterious this remix is powerful and relaxing at the same time), Roadking (their track seems recorded by a b-boy of the next century), Crotaphytus (as usual, they sound menacing and a bit techno just like the final remix was made by Godzilla), Rob Real's (a bit dubstep and grime but with a big electro heart, this tune sounds like coming from a nightmare) and Dark Vektor (electro funk is the key, and as usual, Ivan Arnau doesn't fail!) gave their version of "Global surveyor" being true to their original style since they had to write new music from scratch. The incredible thing is that all the artists (remixers and not) provided to Dominance Electricity electro tunes sounding really dark, just like they agreed to do so (and they didn't as far as I know). Anyway, as I told you, if you loved the original compilation and you love the sounds of labels such as Solar One, you have to get this!

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