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May 14 2011
Artist: DVS NME
Title: Begin Sequence
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Transient Force
Rated: *****
At times sounding mysterious, then robotic or atmospheric, DVS NME delivers on Transient Force his debut album 'BEGIN SEQUENCE'. Blending Detroit techno and electro, DVS NME succeeds in creating nine catchy instrumentals where light distortion, melody and filter tweaking are the core of the sound. The release sounds minimal and rich at the same time. If you check tracks like "Astrogate", you can hear at least three melodic lines (pads, leads and synth arpeggios) coupled to a robotic upbeat tempo. Sounding a bit like Dopplereffekt on "Anthropomorphism" and "Atomic Number 54" or with echoes of Vangelis on the pad lines of "General properties", DVS NME's rich rhythm section give way to sci-fi atmospheres that take you on a journey through cybernetic lands. The album closes with "SCSI", a track sounding like a bug in your software, thanks to 8bit like sounds and obsessive pounding beats. Nice one!

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