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Aug 18 2011
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Title: Astronauten
Format: 12"
Label: Dominance Electricity
Rated: *****
With a beautiful cover painted by one of the most renowned Argentinian cartoonist Juan Gimenez and available in yellow and green. There is a 12" limited print, (which also have a huge poster of the cover), black 12", CDr and a digital download version (these two have two bonus tracks). ASTRONAUTEN is the newest Dominance Electricity Dagobert/ Kalson split EP. We have to go back to 2003 to recall the last Dagobert release (the double 12" album "Sonic Sound Of Bass" has been just reissued). The Serbian producer Kalson had two digital singles out in 2008 and 2009 but he never had a proper release on vinyl. Let's start from A side with Dagobert. "Lunar Orbiter" is a short ambient space tune with laser blasts and nice beats and you'll find it only on the CDr and the digital release. "Astronomie" is the opening picked up for the vinyl and it sounds rich and deep with cool mid tempo beats, different melodic pads and treated vocal samples. It sounds like a space electro funk tune. "The Question S.E.T.I." opens with a blast with a catchy melody, bouncing rhythms and vocoder filtered vocals. Later breaks and stop and go enrich the formula. "Astronauten Weltenraum" is a dancefloor filler with synth sweeps and cool synth arpeggios. Melody, deep filtered vocals and bass frequencies do the rest and satisfy your desire for electro. Kalson opens his side with "Colosseum In Tokyo", a track originally written by DJ Gio MC-505 & Dr. Shingo. It focus on different arpeggio tracks, filtered vocals and mid tempo. It sounds cinematic and convincing. The second track is a "Astronauten Weltenraum" remix. Kalson doesn't change too much its structure (melodies and vocals are there) but now it sounds more like 80s electro. "Digital Baroque" is a good instrumental with atmosphere/rhythm changes. It keeps the melodies but changes the sounds step by step. "Obscure Nebula" closes the digital editions and it's a great slow instrumental that would fit a sci-fi soundtrack thanks to its epic atmosphere. Dominance Electricity did it again and it has given all the electro lovers another great release. Keep up the good work guys!
(Proofread by: Johan Sebastian Bot)

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