Friday, May 29, 2020
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Title: Gesine
Format: CD
Label: Häpna
Rated: *****
Italian experimental guitarist Ielasi's new album starts where "Plans" (on Sedimental) left off, following a gradual interest in more "melodic" and structured forms of music than his previous, acclaimed improv/electroacoustic solos and collaborations. Electronics and concrete elements are still present, but only occasionally taking over (track 5), and more often used as an arrangement for pieces which are both skeletal and detailed. "Gesine" is a moody, warmly intimistic record, which seems to whisper of personal ghosts, second thoughts and unsaid goodbyes. Taking the traditional languages of folk and blues, and blurring them with minimalistic iterations, scraping sounds of amplified objects and electronic devices, Ielasi has probably written his most mature and emotionally affecting release to date.