Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Night Club: Requiem For Romance

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Artist: Night Club
Title: Requiem For Romance
Format: Download Only (MP3 only)
Label: Gato Blanco
This album blends fresh-sounding, post-electroclash pop music that, with the right image, could easily get into the pop charts, with some quite sparse, dark electro production touches that have shades of John Carpenter and hints of late 80’s Depeche Mode about it. It also taps firmly into the modern synthpop vibe and should appeal to fans of Freezepop or Spray who like their lyrics irony-free sometimes- unsurprising given Night Club’s LA base.

The assured steadiness of “Dear Enemy” could easily have been a track from Annie’s first album. “Psychosuperlover” has the vocal tone and production qualities of a Kylie Minogue track, but with darker lyrics that are as close to S&M references as it could do whilst remaining firmly TV-teen-drama-friendly. Night Club have a strong track record of getting tracks placed in TV shows, and the EQ and mastering has certainly got that target in mind, sometimes steering clear of more sinister frequencies.

The bridge section of “Show It 2 Me” adds extra ‘wub wub wub’ which suggests that Night Club are holding back their true colours somewhat and that they are itching to thicken up the beats. All the tracks are radio-edit length and some of them are crying out for epic, grandiose club remixes. At thirty minutes and thirty seconds all in, it’s not the most generous of packages. Well-formed, but small.

Overall it’s rather short, and slightly too familiar-sounding, but it’s a polished bit of electro-synth-pop, lyrically dressed up as darkwave but actually just a little on the light side.


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