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Artist: NOKALYPSE (@)
Title: Ocean Of Inexistece
Format: CD
Label: Triple Bath (@)
Rated: *****
Limited to only 76 copies, OCEAN OF INEXISTENCE is the third release of the project conducted by Themis Pantelopoulos and it is also the second release for his own cd-r label. The album is divided into five main tracks which are also divided into different movements and if at a first listening it could recall some Klaus Schulze/Vangelis tracks by listening to its whole length, OCEAN OF INEXISTENCE is more faceted than you could think as Themis start playing with ambient solutions but soon after he adds elements of industrial, electronic and experimental music giving to his tracks a deeper "existence" by creating different moments/movements where the atmosphere turns from light and dreamy to dark and experimental where sounds take a hold on melody just to drop down the hostilities and changing again forming a sort of tense soundtrack (like on "Oriellegro"). Very intense but unfortunately strictly limited. From Themis' website I read that there are only 16 left. Check it out in a hurry!

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