Music Reviews

Artist: Nokalypse (@)
Format: CD
Label: TRIPLE BATH (@)
Rated: *****
"Ocean of Inexistence" is the third album by Themis Pantelopoulos AKA Nokalypse out in a limited edition of 76 copies on the Triple Bath label. The atmosphere on the cdr is somehow bleak and gloomy but it would be misleading to call this dark ambient because it doesn't use any conventional sound of this genre. Nokalypse's strategy on this cd is to blend electroacoustic rumblings and Tangerine Dream-like synthlines with electronic pulses that will startle all those familiar with latest Xela, adding some piano here and there.
In the end there are many ideas and some of them are really good, but the overall feeling is that the composition is still a bit harsh and the album far too eclectic for my taste.

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